Celebrating Black History with Family

February is Black History Month in the United States, and this is a month when the hosts really go hard on raising awareness about the contributions of African-American and black Americans with their children. Whether it’s the ongoing emotional upheaval of national politics or ABM’s hectic travel schedules, the ladies confess that this year they have not pressed as much Black History Month content on their children. ABM and Mimi discuss how if families are talking about the contributions of diverse historical figures all the time, then the need to compensate during awareness months is less. Black history, as well as diversity contributions from all people of color, should be integrated into family life every day.

Mimi and ABM also take a poke at the president by wishing Frederick Douglass well, since apparently, he’s alive!

The third week of February is National Random Act of Kindness Week. The hosts discuss how observing this awareness week provides a nice opportunity to teach their children to be kind to each other. Mimi raised the point that being kind really isn’t random; it requires ongoing mindful intentionality. Mimi and ABM chatted about participating in the week and hoping their listeners will as well. Let’s start a wave of kind acts.

This year we wanted to share our thoughts on the societal impact of having cultural awareness months and holidays and how they can bring meaning to our families.

The Wind Down features ABM being a little giddy about Aretha Franklin following her on Twitter and reminiscing about their early podcasting days when they chuckled about Cissy Houston side-eyeing Aretha Franklin.

Mimi and ABM conclude the show with a big announcement: Add Water and Stir will be sunsetting at the end of February.  The archives will still be available as will the Facebook page and Twitter feed. The show is being retooled and rebranded. The ladies will be back and ready to rock in early June 2017!

Show Notes

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