Celebrating Black History Month

On the 35th episode of Add Water and Stir, Mimi and AdoptiveBlackMom discuss their celebrations of Black History Month.  

The ladies discuss the need for cultural heritage/historical months; the relative absence of history for people of color is left out of the mainstream narrative. Mimi and ABM reminisce about singing Lift Every Voice and Sing, reciting MLK Jr. speeches and specially decorated bulletin boards at school. They discuss the need to embrace and teach Black history to provide children with lessons in inclusive history, as well as the need to provide children of color with narratives that include people who look like them. All families must be deliberate in teaching Black history since traditional schooling may not provide sufficient opportunities for such learning. The ladies wrap the segment with some of their favorite resources for teaching Black history to their girls.

In the Wind Down, ABM and Mimi discuss Beyonce’s Formation video and Super Bowl performance and the countless think pieces inspired by the release.

Show Notes

ABM’s Edutainment Watch List
Malcolm X
Mississippi Burning
Ghosts of Mississippi
4 Little Girls
Red Tails
Cowboys of Color
The Butler
The Watsons go to Birmingham
Remember the Titans
The Rosa Parks Story
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
The Josephine Baker Story
Muhammad Ali
The Color Purple


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