The Changing Face of Foster Care

May is National Foster Care Month in the US.  More than 400,000 children in the United States are in foster care, usually with the goal of being reunited with their birth families or being adopted. The families who provide safe and healing homes for foster children are a special bunch, and on this episode of Add Water and Stir, ABM and Mimi take some time to explore one example of an NGO that provides support for foster and birth families.

Our first segment is an interview with Liyan Bao, VP of Specialized Services and Permanency Support  from The New York Foundling, an organization providing support to birth and foster families in ways that enable children to grow up in loving and healthy environments that provide the foundations for success.

The second segment features two foster parents, Daryn and Stephanie, associated with The New York Foundling. Daryn has a special heart for helping adolescent African American boys who are close to aging out of the NY foster care system, while Stephanie is mom to three birth children and a foster care sibling group of three sisters, who she and her husband will soon adopt. Stephanie and Daryn share why they chose to become foster parents, a bit about the challenges and joys, and the support resources they utilize to help them and their children be successful. These two parents are so inspirational; they will really drive home the need for both young and racially and ethnically diverse foster care families to support the nation’s children.

In the Wind Down, Mimi and ABM fall down a crazy rabbit hole discussing the phenomenon of group attribution when specifically applied to White people. The chat starts innocently enough with trying understand why anyone would put a baby buffalo in the back of their SUV in Yosemite park or rather who *wouldn’t* do such a thing. They haven’t giggled this much in a while!

Show Notes

The Changing Face of Foster Care
The Wind Down