Parenting in the Age of Trump

The ladies had successfully avoided talking about politics after the 2016 US presidential episode, but on this episode, they sit down for a long chat about the Trump Effect and its relative impact on daily life for families of color and parents raising children of color. Mimi and ABM talk about the rise in hate crimes and share a bit about their own experiences these last few months.

The show centers around whether and how to talk to your children about President Trump. How to help your children deal with the negative narratives that have been spun about people of color and women during the last year. It’s important that parents provide strong, narratives that build children up and promote healthy identity development.

ABM and Mimi also talk about how changes in health care policy might impact foster and adopted children accessing private health insurance in addition to Medicaid. It’s clear the ladies have given some thought to these issues. They are concerned and sometimes, just plain scared. They mention how important self-care is during this time of high emotion.

The ladies wrap the episode by providing their list of ways parents can navigate this tumultuous season.

Show Notes