Parenting Plans for 2017

On the first episode of 2017, Mimi and ABM return from their holiday break to discuss what’s in store for their families for the year. The ladies shied away from setting New Year’s resolutions due to the poor success rates associated with keeping those resolutions. Instead, ABM and Mimi set larger goals for their families for 2017. They discuss their family plans for the year, and note the differences in their family goals based on the ages of Hope and Nana. Spoiler alert–both families have goals related to weekend activities, but they could not be more different!

During the show’s second segment, ABM and Mimi dish about all the plans they have for Add Water and Stir for 2017! There will be a new podcast website, more interviews on topics you want to hear about, guest blogging opportunities, and the return of quarterly live shows! There will also be new show segments and lots of great content on the Add Water and Stir page on Facebook. The ladies hope to make Add Water and Stir your primary source of information on adoption and raising healthy well-adjusted children of color.

Of course, they kick off the new year with a Wind Down segment about the San Francisco phenomenon “Cutty Bangs.”

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  1. Priscilla says:

    I’m still in the middle of the episode, but I’m just here to say I’m only doing some kinda bedtime routine for the kids. I am so done by bedtime too.

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