Race, Parenting & Respite: When a Day at the Zoo ain’t Self-Care

Going to the zoo is a parenting staple in most families, especially if your city has a great zoo. It is typically free, has great exhibits, is family friendly and is educational. Recently Michelle Gregg took her children to the Cincinnati Zoo for a fun day. Unfortunately, her young son managed to get into a gorilla enclosure, and a silverback gorilla Harambe was killed in order to rescue Isiah. The backlash against the Gregg family was swift and included calls for investigations and the removal of all of the children in the home, presumably sending them to foster homes. The incident has turned into a very racialized discussion of parenting that Mimi and ABM try to unpack during this episode of Add Water and Stir.

Also ladies also discuss their efforts to practice self care. They share their self-care strategies and routines. MImi and ABM confess self-care triumphs and fails and things everyone can do to nurture a commitment to self-care. Every parent needs self-care and they probably need more than they would care to admit. ABM and Mimi have also created a short survey to learn more about other parents’ self-care approaches!

In the Wind Down, ABM and Mimi talk about the hashtag #BlackSalonProblems. They talk about their salon experiences, past and present. ABM dishes about hanging out at the barbershop when she gets her high-top fade tightened up every few weeks. Here’s a teaser: The menfolk are super vain and like to talk about hair dye! A fun time is had by all!

Show Notes

Harambe and the Perils of Parenting
Harambe the gorilla is dead and his parents aren’t to blame
Death of Harambe Shows the Unreasonable Expectations We have for Moms
King: Racism Found its Way into the Cincinnati Zoo Saga

Revisiting Self-Care
Self-Care: Barriers and Basics for Foster/Adoptive Parents
ABM’s Self Care Pinterest Board
Apps for Self-Care
     Stop Breath and Think
Bliss (Gratitude Journal)
Pacifica – for stress and worry, cognitive behavioral therapy

Wind Down

Self-Care: Barriers and Basics for Foster/Adoptive Parents
Self-Care Survey