Raising Black Girls & Prepping for Mother’s Day

As mothers of two beautiful girls, Mimi and ABM have a front row seat to the blessingsandthe challenges to raising girls. The media can portray young black and brown girls to be mouthy, bossy, ugly and worse. On this show, the ladies talk about the secrets to raising strong black girls in the face of how the world views them.

On the second segment, reveal their mutual ambivalence about Mother’s Day. The holiday triggers memories of personal loss, their children’s’ losses and those of their birth mothers. Although they are grateful for the opportunity to be mothers, their respective journeys to motherhood shape the way they view the holiday devoted to this role.

In the Wind Down, Mimi and ABM reminisce about when they were little girls. Before you know it they are in a time machine back to when they were cheering and wearing church socks.

As usual Mimi and ABM read some listener feedback and provide a few recommendations to sum up the show.

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Raising Black Girls
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