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‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 1 Catchup

Our first show is a recap of the first half of the series, episodes 1-10. While there are multiple story lines, we focus mainly on Randall, a transracial adoptee, and how meeting his birth father impacts the entire family.

Listen to our thoughts on the first half of ‘This Is Us” Season 1:


Mimi and ABM from the Add Water and Stir Podcast recap NBC’s hit series, “This Is Us” with added commentary about race, class, privilege, adoption and a bit of humor.  Join the conversation on our Facebook page and check out our entire podcast catalog at

2 thoughts on “‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 1 Catchup

  1. Priscilla says:

    It’s interesting to hear your take on this show. I’ve been faithfully watching the show partly for the adoption aspect. We are a transracial family, with three bio White kids and a foster adoptive placement daughter who is Black. I saw a lot of things a smilar way to you two, but a couple things I read maybe a little bit differently. We came to adoption very thoughtfully, so it’s different, but when Jack saw a baby there without parents I assumed he was thinking “We are all prepared for a child, and here a child is who has no one.” But I see where you feel he was filling a specific void.
    As far as White fragility and Jack doing extra push-ups, I did read it a little more like “I’m ready to go above and beyond for my son.” However, I thought it was very tacky, and not respectful to the instructor (sorry, I know there is an actual term, but I’m not up on karate terminology).
    A thought on Rebecca running after she met with William. Wasn’t it more likely that a child could be returned to a birth family at any age back in the day? She did the wrong thing, but I almost think it’s out of a deeper fear than only that Randall would like his birth father.
    Overall I think the show is showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of adoption, while not unfairly making anyone a bad guy. It is clear William loved his son, even when he dropped him off. It is clear Jack and Rebecca love their son, even when they didn’t provide the racial mirrors, and more importantly Rebecca purposely avoided a relationship with Randall’s birth father plus lied. Which reminds me that Beth is perfect, with not a flaw. They tried to loosen her up with the adult brownie scene, but she remains a queen.
    So glad you ladies are taking the time to go in depth about This Is Us. I’ve enjoyed your perspective on everything for all of your episodes. I actually just finished my last episode from you all last week, after spending a few months catching up from the very beginning. Excited to keep listening.

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