THIS IS US: The Add Water and Stir Podcast Recap

‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13

Did Kevin fool you too by leaving both Sloane and Olivia in the dust? Why doesn’t Randall have any friends…is it ‘racial’? Were Jack and Rebecca wrong for letting Kevin keep all the kids at his party, leaving Kate to sob alone?  Where did William get the money for all these new clothes?  Is Duke a fat camp predator, preying on thick chicks in their most vulnerable state? Most importantly, where the heck was Beth going?

Listen to our thoughts on ‘This Is Us” Season 1, Episode 12:


Mimi and ABM from the Add Water and Stir Podcast recap NBC’s hit series, “This Is Us” with added commentary about race, class, privilege,  adoption and a bit of humor.  Join the conversation on our Facebook page and check out our entire podcast catalog at